I’ve done dozens of tours over the last three years for breweries, churches, libraries, medical offices, retail shops, animal hospitals, and real estate locations. I generally make anywhere from $279-$699 per tour depending on the size and scope of the project.

My virtual tours buisness has been a nice side income. There are, however, only so many tours I can do because of my busy schedule as a stay-at-home parent to two kiddos under 6. Having to worry about childcare while doing a tour, school drop-off/pick-times, and everything else means I’m left feeling like I can do more.

That’s why I’m creating this course. 

Every real estate listing, every small business, every organization with a physical building should have a 360 tour online somewhere. Why?

  • Help your listing stand-out among a sea of mediocre 2D photos.
  • Save time by being able to “show” a listing to interested buyers without having to physically be on site
  • Add them to Facebook for easy sharing
  • Embed them your website (for public viewing)
  • Send private tours to select clients (invite only)
  • Get your property on Google Maps (public spaces only)
  • Add the same 360 tours to listings on third-party sites

Don’t pay someone like me several hundred dollars each time you need a 360 virtual tour created. Do it yourself!

Want to know when the course launches? Fill out the 360tours.xyz interest form below and I’ll remind you when the course goes on sale for $197.