I know you have questions about the whole process. Here are some answers. If you have one that isn't on here please contact me.

Do you put together walkthroughs of places outside of Chicago and its suburbs?

Yes, I do! There is an added travel fee involved based on the location, but I regularly travel outside of IL for various events. Let me know what you are thinking and we can get something set up.

How long does the process of getting my business online take?

It normally takes 3-5 business days after a photo shoot to get your photos online but can take a bit longer if the Google approval process is backlogged.

How does an on-site visit work?

Once a visit is scheduled a deposit is made to hold the date on the calendar. I will show up at the arranged time and meet a representative from your business. We'll walk through the facility to finalize a photography plan and I'll get to work. I'll show the representative a few of the shots as they are being taken to make sure the results are to their liking. After the photography part of the session is finished I'll pack up my gear and head out.

How should my business prepare for the on-site photo visit?

You'll want to make sure your business is presented in the best way possible. This will often require a business to hold a session outside of normal business hours to get the quickest, cleanest and most cost-effective visit possible. Adding customers and employees into the mix make this much more time-consuming and overly complicated. It should be set up like it's about to have customers walk in the door.

What is included in your fee?

Each photo package offered includes the stated number of photos, an hour of time on site*, Step Inside with Street view stickers, posting the photos to Google Maps, guaranteed Google Maps photo approval and the ability to embed the walkthrough on any website or share via web link to any of the major social networks.

* Single photo packages include 30 minutes on-site at your location. Larger packages of 15 images or more will have more time allotted in the contract for the visit as needed.

Can I have my logo added to the photo?

Many 360 images on Google have a small tripod at the bottom of the image. Some chose to cover this with a blur or logo image. I offer an option to do this for you if interested.

Can you reshoot my business walkthrough to reflect the change in seasons or feature a recent remodel? 

Yes! There is no limit to how many times you can have me out to your business' location to reflect just the right image that you want to project. Each visit is treated like a separate photo shoot that includes scheduling, editing, posting online and a required session fee.

What if my on-site session runs over an hour?

A nominal fee will be charged beyond the allotted time in 30-minute increments. This fee will be included in the text of your contract so there are no surprises.

Who owns the rights to the photos you take?

Each photo package allows you to embed/share the published image walkthroughs on any online site that a Google Maps embed or link share works. You will be given the copyright of all the images taken, but I will retain the rights to use them for the promotion of my photography services.

Can I get a copy of the image files used for my Google Street View?

Sure! There is a file download option you can add to your photo package that will allow you to download these images and post them natively as 360-degree images on Facebook or do whatever you want with them. I may use them on my website and social media as examples of my work, but will always link back to your website/social media when doing this.